hakenkruis swastika jewish and asian

It Seems that the swastika jews always accused German and European People of is in Reality of their OWN elite or nobility and brought by them selfes when they came from the South to occupy Europe and Northern Hemisfere and abuse Us as their slaves and whores  and rape abuse and sell Us and Our Children.

Besides the Southern asian origine of the swastika and used by russians as blavatsky and budists befor world war two also hitler him self was askenazi asian jewish as all of his war department was including ALL members of the Wannseekonferenz.

All leaders of Russia Polen Britain Amerika Germany were jewish and in control of it all 
as they are now also where even China is becoming a questionmark of international jewish manipulations wars and intrigues whitch they exterminate abuse parasite and plunder all Races and People with as a plunder parasite extermination depopulation kolonisationculture of Earth.

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